Avon as a Business of Opportunity: A Personal Story

Venita WalkerEditor’s Note:  The Avon Sales Representative is the heart and soul of our business – the “flywheel” that makes the engine run.  In short, the Sales Representative IS the company. We are proud to share the personal stories of some of these 6 million inspirational women – and men – in more than 100 countries who every day make a difference to the company and in their own lives.

I remember not being able to really celebrate Christmas the first few years after my son, Aiden, was born. Being a single mom made it difficult to afford anything outside of survival items even though I had a job at a law firm. The cost of daycare was enough to put me over the financial edge. Forget about family vacations, and we skipped birthday parties for Aiden’s friends because I couldn’t afford presents. How can he go to a party without a present?

During that difficult time, a direct selling company tried to recruit me. I started researching the company online and Avon popped up. I preferred the Avon earnings opportunity; it had a low start-up cost, and the variety of products made it more relatable to me. The other company required a big initial investment, which wasn’t going to work for me. Also, my grandmother used to buy Avon makeup. She would give my sisters and me lipstick samples to experiment with. So I signed up to become an Avon Representative.

Within nine months, I made President’s Club, one of the Avon levels of achievement. It’s funny how my Avon business just took off.  I wanted to supplement my income, but it became more. I have a degree in fashion marketing, and I was so excited when I first opened an Avon product brochure and saw how stylish everything was. Well, because I was excited, everyone around me became excited.  Before I knew it, others signed up to be Avon Sales Representatives under my leadership. Avon had become “my little monster” – business was so good that I had to sit down and actually organize and set goals. I was having so much fun I didn’t realize I had recruited more than 80 Representatives at one point, and I had a loyal customer base that was continuing to grow.

I also was making more money than planned. I was able to pay off my debt and contribute to my 401 (k) and investments I had set up for Aiden. I also bought a house!  Aiden just loves his new room, which is filled with fire trucks, and he’s got a little “man cave” play room.

It feels so good to do more than just make ends meet and to help others succeed. Collecting debts is part of my job at the law firm, which can be stressful.  Through my Avon business I am able to help others with a financial opportunity that can change their circumstances and help them avoid or get out of debt.

Meeting new Avon Sales Representatives and hearing their success stories is one of the reasons why I love recruiting new Representatives. One woman I recruited has been out of work for a while, and she told me selling Avon is an escape for her because she enjoys it so much. Someone else who enjoys my business?  Aiden. He comes with me on my weekend Avon rounds and carries the brochures in his ride-along car.

Venita Walker at Avon meetingAvon is also special to me because of all the work it does with breast cancer. My sister is a breast cancer survivor, and we recently got the bad news that the cancer had returned. I was able to do a fundraiser in conjunction with the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, and it makes me proud that my Avon business allows me to help my sister.

What began as a way to supplement my income two years ago has now become my business, which I want to grow even more in the years ahead.

This year though, one thing I know is certain: Aiden will be having a great Christmas.

About: Venita Walker

I am a single mom of one child, a son named Aiden, as well as the oldest of seven siblings, and the aunt of 14 nieces and nephews. I currently live in Cincinnati, OH, where I grew up, and I’ve also lived in Atlanta, GA and Chicago, IL.

Since 2000 I’ve worked as a paralegal in law firms, and in 2002 I was promoted to Legal Supervisor. To date I still work as part of the legal management team with a law firm, and this leadership experience has helped with my Avon business. I am a Unit Leader, meaning I manage other Sales Representatives along with serving my own customers, and am a President’s Club Member, which is one of the Avon levels of sales achievement.

I love the flexibility of my Avon business – I’m working part-time and can earn as much as I strive for. Eventually I plan to use my Avon business to achieve freedom to spend even more time with my son. I am able to keep my family first while doing something I love to do, including not only running my own successful Avon business, but also inspiring others with what they can do with the wonderful Avon opportunity.

7 comments on “Avon as a Business of Opportunity: A Personal Story

  1. Hi Venita. I came across this post while doing some research on corporate responsibility for my company. I think that your story is very inspirational and motivating. I’ve toyed with the idea of becoming an Avon rep myself. Now I shall think of it more seriously. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. Hi Venita, am from Zambia and i just read through your business story which is quite inspiring. Am a single mother as well of two kids, a boy and a girl and my current pay does not really help me manage to make my kids happy as i would love to. Am a legal clerk a high court, my salary is really a struggle even to make ends meet. I think i would be interested to try the Avon business, am actually business minded and i do some businesses here and there. So, would like me to join under your leadership?

  3. Hi Venita, truly your story is an inspirational for all single moms. I appreciate your article so much. I will share this to my friends at http://www.chatching, a social media marketing site which I use for my business communication. I will be willing to work under your management. Oh by the way I am now residing in Morehead City, N.C.

  4. Venita, I am so happy for you. I am also an Avon unit leader and honor society member. I thank Avon so much for the opportunity to have an income and also be able to spend more quality time with family. Keep going and don’t stop and you will achive so much with Avon.

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