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International Women’s Day

Celebrated for more than a century, March 8th is a day when people around the world pause to recognize the progress made in the advancement of women. Read more


52 Walks, 1 Cause

I can’t begin to tell you how much the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer means to me. I work for … Read more

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UK Avon Representative Fights Fires and Wrinkles

I am a firefighter, but I also sell Avon. I feel like I have the best of both worlds; it’s … Read more


A Sign of Things to Come: The Avon Foundation for Women’s #SeeTheSigns of Domestic Violence Campaign

Domestic violence is more than just a black eye. It’s not just broken bones and bruises. And it’s not just … Read more


Avon CEO Sheri McCoy Walks to End Breast Cancer

I completed my second Avon Walk for Breast Cancer New York last weekend and once again it was my fellow … Read more


Making an Impact at the Avon Foundation for Women: When a Job is More than a Job

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been passionate about women’s issues and I feel strongly about people living the lives they want to live, they deserve to live and that they can live. When a woman’s health or safety is at risk, she cannot reach her full potential or achieve her dreams Read more


Collaborating for a Cure: Uniting in the Fight against Breast Cancer

The reason I came to Avon nearly 10 years ago was because so many women are affected by breast cancer – 1 million every year globally. I believed from day one that I could make a big impact. When I started at the Avon Foundation for Women in 2004, I knew that myriad different breast cancer charities existed at other companies and non-profit organizations. But I remember thinking, “It’s great that we’re all working on this cause, but can we work together to end it?” Read more


Angelina Jolie Empowers Women With Her Breast Cancer Decision

When Angelina Jolie published a New York Times op-ed in which she shared her difficult and courageous decision to undergo … Read more


A “New Moment” in History: Our Responsibility to Economically Empower Women

According to Christine Lagarde, first female head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the world economy needs a “new moment … Read more

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From Childhood Fun to Business Success in Brazil

My history with Avon began in childhood. My mother gathered her friends for coffee in the afternoon and sold house … Read more